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Weight loss is a huge issue with people!  Our plan is simple! Following our simple steps can allow you to easily reach your goals:

1) Cleanse your body: the average Canadian is exposed anywhere between 200 -2000 toxic chemical per day. Fat encapsulates the toxins in your body to help you from the toxins. Your remove the toxin, the fat does not need to be there.

2) Get more alkaline, our body has a natural ph level that keep us healthy and prevents disease. Because of processed foods and refined sugar the vast majority of people are acidic. This makes us more likely to get cancer as well, and is counterproductive to weight loss. Super food and greens enhance this as well as drinking alkaline water.

3) Get your hormones in balance – change to our hormones help us regulate metabolism and burn fat. They decrease with age so much that at the age of 50, 50% decrease in our adequate hormone level. Natural herbal cream with no side effects can significantly balance those hormones.

4) Regulate thyroid- stress is responsible for 99% of all disease in our society. Stress negatively affects are neurological system, which alters the communication and regulation of organ systems including the thyroid gland. A malfunctioning thyroid has significant consequences on health including being overweight. Having all of the 90 essential minerals and a properly functioning nervous system, a chiropractor enhances the function of the body and the thyroid.

5) Jump start your metabolism! Stress, lack of exercise, and typical Canadian unhealthy lifestyle wreaks havoc on our metabolic system. Proper exercise and proper nutrition changes can super charge your metabolism and turn you into a fat burning machine.

6) Go gluten Free- most people are allergic to gluten and don’t even know it. Most breads and pastas are not processed and broken down in the body properly, and are simply unnecessary extra calories, eat lots of lean meat and fish and lots of vegetables and watch the excess pound melt away.

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